FAR Infrared Sauna Body Wraps Linden, NJ

Envelope your body in our Far Infrared Sauna Body Wrap Blanket for a $85.00 one hour treatment which offers these 10 benefits:

Infrared Sauna Heat Promotes Sweating, helping your body eliminate toxins through its biggest organ: The Skin

Exercise Recovery:
Saunas taken before exercise increase performance and quicken recovery. Just stay hydrated.

Heart and Blood Pressure Health:
Saunas can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure over time.

Boosted Immune System:
Get a jump on cold and flu season by taking a few sessions, which increase white blood cells, lymphocytes and neutrophils.

Mood Improvement:
According to studies, sauna users self-reported less anger and depression after a session.

Younger Skin:
Infrared Technology encourages development of more collagen and elastin, Leaving skin smoother and helping wounds heal faster.

Circulatory System Oxygenation:
Your heart rate increases and blood vessels dilate, allowing oxygen to enter the cells of your body more easily.

Pain Relief:
Infrared heating is extremely beneficial for muscle and joint pain relief.

Help your body maintain healthy cortisol levels, relax and de-stress by enjoying a session.

Lowered Inflammation:
Keep your mind sharp and inflammation low with regular sauna use.